Julie and Her Kids Appearing in Edhardy

Several days ago, Angelina Julie was witnessed in France street Toulon, leading her three kids, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh.Julie dressed in her favorite long black dress, and matched with a pair of Ed hardy shoes, which was quite recreational.To our astonishment was that the children wore Ed hardy also, and looked very cute.

For what reason, this family appeared in Edhardy?The fact is Julie is keen about tattoo, and therefore, for the stylish brand such as Ed hardy she shows a greater affection into it.There are many tattoos on Julie's body, and some has relation with her children, and the majority is related to her husband Pitt.

Lately, some media focused on Julie and Pitt about their separation, but in the end most of these reports were confirmed to be false.Julie and Pitt are well known around the world, and they were always devoted to each other.Julie and Pitt once had the same tattoos to show their sweet love, and when Julie wanted to buy Ed hardy clothes, she often had Pitt as her accompany.

Being able to support each other, Julie and Pitt performed very well in their career.The list of "Top 100 Most Influential People in the World" this year has been released by Vanity Fair magazine.Among the top ten lists, Julie and Pitt were the only celebrityies in entertainment filed.

In ordinary life, you will also be envious of their life, and Julie sets an example of a good mother.We believe that Julie and Pitt are quite happy, and this appearance of the family in Edhardytogether made us support the fact.

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